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5 Practical Tips For Wellbeing Anxiety

5 Practical Tips For Wellbeing Anxiety

Tina Sowton |

You've committed to hitting the gym all day, but when the clock strikes and nerves set in, you find yourself unable to lace up your trainers and head out.


Perhaps it's because you're new to the ‘healthy’ scene, feeling overwhelmed by the array of machines and weights, unsure of where to start. Or maybe you're anxious about returning after a long time out. Regardless, these anxieties can hinder your fitness journey.


It's a common struggle, but fear not. We've gathered practical tips to help you stride into the gym and exercise in general with more confidence:


  1. Buddy Up: Strength lies in numbers. Bringing a friend can make the gym less intimidating and more enjoyable, especially if they're experienced and can offer guidance.


  1. Off Peak Times: Avoid peak hours and opt for quieter times like early mornings or late nights to explore equipment and build confidence.


  1. Plan Ahead: Decide on your workout in advance to avoid indecision at the gym. Research unfamiliar equipment beforehand for an added confidence boost.


  1. Pump Up the Jams: Create a motivating playlist to drown out distractions and focus on your workout.


  1. Dress for Success: Wear gym attire that makes you feel confident and ready to conquer your session.


Taking these tips to heart can ease wellbeing related anxieties and empower you to focus on your fitness goals with less stress. Remember, every step towards something you do not enjoy doing is a victory in itself.